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If you’ve arrived at this website you’re likely here for at least one, if not two of the following reasons.

  • You’d like to participate in one of the Pain, Suffering, and Trauma Resolution Programs available for your wellbeing
  • You’d like an experienced Spiritual Mentor to listen and guide you
  • You’re experiencing a challenging life crisis
  • You would like to eliminate the cause of the unexplained physical symptoms
  • You’re aware that you are terminally ill choosing to prepare to transition consciously with courage and grace
  • You’d like to find or clarify your direction or purpose
  • You’d like to arrange a local weekend healing clinic or shamanic workshop for yourself and friends

Regardless why you’re showing up here. Windhorse Healing LLC will assist you to feel and live better renewing or enhancing your life-force with confidentiality, integrity, compassion, and skill irrespective of your gender, sexual orientation, race, age, spirituality, religion, philosophy, work, career, way of life, past experiences, or background.

Call us on (786) 867-0250 to arrange a brief telephone assessment and join the Life Force Newsletter below.

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